Service Areas

Home Insurance

Do you know what your Homeowners policy covers? If not, you may not be properly insured. One of our specialized agents can assist you with what you need most out of an insurance policy. We offer coverage for new homes, vacant homes, homes over 25+ years, ​mobile homes, manufactured homes, high risk homes, multiple claims history, and many more!


Life Insurance

Life insurance is there when you need it the most for unforeseen circumstances, and can provide you peace of mind. Life insurance can cover funeral expenses for loved ones with whole, life, term or final expense insurance. Mortgage protection Insurance covers mortgage expenses when you or a spouse passes. Key Life Insurance for Business Owners who have a sudden loss of a key employee (Manager, Supervisor, accountant, etc.). We offer many types of Life insurance ranging from personal to business and many more! Give our specialized Life Insurance Agent, Robert McCallum a call today to discuss which options are available for you.


Auto Insurance

Need an SR-22 or FR-44? We can help! We can provide you with the best rates available by quoting with multiple insurance companies! Erie Insurance is one of our top rated insurance companies and can provide the most competitive rate for excellent drivers! Give us a call today and one of our specialized agents will assist you with same day service!


Business Insurance

Most contractors are required to obtain commercial insurance to meet requirements of their contract, and we can help with that! We offer General Liability, Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation, Excess Liability and so much more! Our specialized agents are here to assist you with what you need to protect your business. Give us a call today for same day service!

Health Insurance

Central Park Insurance is here to help you or your business obtain Health Insurance coverage. We offer single, family or group health insurance policies.